4 keys to lose weight without dieting

The basis for lose weight is the combination of a good diet Y exercise , but remember that you need to make a life change; that is, set goals that truly serve you. Here are some tips to give you a boost to your goals and achieve weight loss:

1. Drink enough water
Consume cold water can help your metabolism , your body will work harder to warm it; means burn more calories . Another benefit of drinking water regularly a day is that you will feel full, and you will not have to eat a snack because you feel a void in your stomach.

2. Sleep as necessary
One of the keys to not increasing your weight is sleep Enough, but what is the reason? It has been shown that we eat more when we have dream . A recent study showed that participants who slept 4 hours ended up consuming 300 calories more than when they had rested well.

3. Control the portions you will eat
Even if you're not in a diet Being aware of how much you are eating is a good practice. It may take a few minutes for your brain to recognize that it is full, so acquiring the habit of knowing what portion will satisfy you will take time, but you will avoid overeating.

4. He also drinks green tea
Investigations have proven that drinking Green Tea can help your metabolism to burn 400 calories a week; It is also a strong antioxidant .

Remember that having a balanced diet and being disciplined are basic to achieving your long-term weight loss. Do not trust yourself and do it to take care of your health!

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