3D software against obesity

Obesity and overweight or keep Mexico in second place worldwide in adults, below the United States, and the first in children. The obesity It is a chronic disease that results in various health complications.

The obesity It occurs with the passage of time, when more calories are consumed than our body consumes, although it varies in each person. Among the factors that influence to maintain the balance are: the constitution genetics , the excess of food, the consumption of high-fat foods and the lack of physical activity ; the risks include diabetes , heart diseases, strokes , arthritis and some types of Cancer .

According to information from publimetro.com , to combat the problem of obesity In our country, Virtual Solutions , the first company incubated by the Faculty of Psychology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) , initiated an investigation with women to change their eating habits and negative ideas regarding the obesity .

The research consists of eight women taking virtual reality therapy and the advice of a nutritionist to gain control over their diet and face the emotional problems that the overweight can generate them, such as frustration and rejection.

The project, brought from Italy, consists of using a software (of sale in the Network), which adapts to the foods; In a session of one hour, is guided by a therapist in charge of investigating the patient's habits.

If the expected results are obtained, as has been achieved in Europe, this project could be used as a tool for 3D therapies offered by both the company and the UNAM .

Video Medicine: Controlling obesity with 3D printing (May 2024).