3 tips vs Affective Fatigue Syndrome

The Affective Fatigue Syndrome in a couple occurs when the passion it disappears and the silences are gaining ground; In addition, in this type of relationship, individuals have sex just for "check card" or for biological urgency.

In accordance with the American psychologists Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson , all relationship of couple evolves and goes through some phases that coincide with the mother-child relationship, among these are:

  1. Fusion: When the two feel one
  2. Differentiation: Each person affirms their own identity and tests their solidity
  3. Exploration: The ability to take distance from the other with activities of all kinds of approach is put to the test.

Experts say that by overcoming the previous stages, the couples they unite, they improve their communication , establish conditions with clarity (each is enriched by the differences of the other), and complicity (the two are more involved in the construction of the couple and in the evolution of the other, opening up together to what surrounds them).

Recommendations to facilitate good communication

For her part, the doctor Ellen Wachtel , couple therapist and author of the book "We love each other, but ...", He believes that life as a couple does not have to be boring, because interest can be maintained. To achieve this, the specialist gives you three tips to avoid the Affective Fatigue Syndrome and have a happy relationship with the couple:

  1. Practice the noble exercise of thanking. Couples who have been together for a long time fail to recognize what they give each other, because they have become accustomed to receiving. Dr. Wachtel points out that admitting and manifesting what we like about our partner (from "I like it when you cook", until "I love how you kiss me"), and express our gratitude, it is very effective to intensify the union.
  2. The daily coexistence makes us forget certain behaviors that in the beginnings of a relationship we would be incapable of committing; for example, opting for the neglect of physical appearance or discourtesy. Interest in the couple is demonstrated by making an effort to be attractive and respectful.
  3. Work is left out of the house Dr. Wachtel says that by downloading the Bad mood waves complaints on the couple, a great distancing is created, because it is a form of abuse of trust.

So do not hesitate to keep attractive for your partner and try to have nice details with her. Feeds day by day love that led them to join.

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