You can!

Starting a diet is simple, but prolonging it for the long term is talking about something that for many is totally "impossible". Why? The cause is in the deprivation-hormone relationship, as suggested by a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine.


The restriction to ingest some foods causes the alteration of the hormonal levels, especially those that regulate the appetite; that is, it exacerbates the emotional response to food, "says the investigation.


You can!

So you do not give up on your diet , and "throw your effort away", here we provide you with the habits that will help you obtain and maintain your weight. Check the list!


1. Become a connoisseur

For Barb Stuckey, author of Tasre what you're missing , the best way to find the enthusiasm about healthy eating, is to make the experience a knowledge. Let your food be a tasting: example, choose various green foods and see them tasting them little by little. This will allow you to appreciate nuances that are more to your liking.

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