What you might consider!

Who does not want to have someone with whom to build a future, share the love and the dreams ? For many people, this search is something constant and even impossible because doubts arise about,how to choose the ideal partner ?

Actually find the partner adequate is complicated. The features physical and of character sought by women and men in the vast majority of cases do not they match in the reality , which can cause disappointment Y frustration , conclude researchers from the universities of Montpellier Y Toulouse in France .

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However, there are characteristics where the most fix the people at the time of select partner , as explained Deya Cano In the next video .


What you might consider!

Although you can have an ideal of partner , there are aspects that researchers from universities Montpellier Y Toulouse in France they suggest to take into account and not overestimate :


  1. Share ideas in common about family and coexistence
  2. Compare them values individual and how they are reflected in habits , relationship and profession
  3. Identify the affinity in the various areas of life, as well as in emotional Y psychological
  4. Perceive the maturity and balance emotional when facing a challenge or problem
  5. Verify the capacity of manage income and economic stability
  6. Share hobbies , tastes and moments in common to strengthen the relationship

Not only is it enough for a person to like you or attract , it is important that there compatibility Y provision for share feelings and projects, otherwise it is likely that the relationship do not progress