What to take into account?

At the time of sleep what we look for most is comfort and warmth for a restful rest, but what we might not have thought is that this depends on many factors such as a good mattress or pillow and of course, a good Pijama .

The doctor Lisa Shives, Board Member of the National Sleep Foundation , assures that "during the day, the body is subject to stress and clothes, which becomes suffocating, "so that at night, lying down with light clothes will benefit our Health .

This case may apply when we go in search of the proper pajamas. There are thousands of options, however, deciding between one style and another depends on tastes, styles and even the time of year, everything is in reaching the perfect balance.


What to take into account?

1. Fabric For hot seasons we recommend fabrics from cotton because they are cool and for the winter those of flannel . Although if you want to look sexy and attractive, silk , the lace or the satin they will be good for you

2. Size: This is a determining factor. It is recommended that the garments are not very baggy or very adjusted , they probably will not help a good break . Those of your size will give space for your skin to breathe and you will have freedom of movement .

3. Design: A pajama reflects the personality and style of each woman , so the choice will depend on personal tastes, these can be in one piece, sets of trousers and shirt, shorts and T-shirt, baby doll, gowns, among others.

4. Comfort: It is preferable to choose models with few seams and applications , since they are usually uncomfortable and you can hurt your body with his touch. Although they look more spectacular take care of this detail.

5. Color: Since colors influence the mood of people, the choice must be based on the objective sought. For a comfortable rest he prefers light or pastel shades , that inspire relaxation like pink, blue or white.

After a busy day and finally back home ready to relax and get ready to sleep, with so many options you for which pajama you decide?

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