What is your body language in sexuality?

The movements of his hands when approaching, his look, and even, tilting his face in a certain way, can tell you what his desires and tastes are within the intimacy; However, how to understand or know how to interpret this body language?

According to a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania , it was discovered that the body language (gestures, movements and posture) intervenes in 93% of the impression that people can form, at first glance, of an individual.

This also extends to a sexual plane, and GetQoralHealth offers you the following keys that will help you interpret the body language of your partner and yours.

To dominate. If you like to be below you send your partner the signal that you like to be dominated or that the other takes control of the situation.

Order. You like to make decisions and, at a given moment, to guide the sexual act.

Gazes in orgasm . If it looks at you in the eyes and caresses you in the moment of ecstasy it means that this relationship is not only sexual, but there is a deep value and feeling.

Passionate kiss . If, in doing so, you make a commitment to the goal that is satisfactory to you, it means that you think more about yourself than about him. He prefers you to enjoy yourself to the fullest and he enjoys just seeing.

Side posture. If it is your favorite position, it means that you are a sentimental person and that you feel something for you.

Missionary. This speaks of commitment, formality and that is rooted in traditions.

The body expresses more than words and within the sexual act can reveal the deepest desires of the couple. Therefore it is important that you observe and try to keep that communication channel open. Learn and have fun with confidence and responsibility!

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