What is visual acuity?

According to the Mexican Association of Faculties, Schools, Colleges and Councils of Optometry (AMFECCO) Optometry is the first line of defense against blindness.

Data of the World Health Organization (WHO) they reveal that 80% of cases of visual impairment worldwide are curable or can be avoided, since 77% of people say that vision is the physical capacity they fear the most.

Therefore in GetQoralHealth we present the answer of science to the affirmation: "Reading in low light causes permanent and irreversible damage to the vision."

Researchers of the University of Indiana They found that the widespread idea about permanent damage caused to the eyes due to reading in low light is false. The scientists found no evidence of eye damage when performing this action. However, the Visual acuity (AV) as time goes.


What is visual acuity?

The AVisual gudeza (AV) it is the ability of the eyes to perceive or identify objects. Normal visual acuity (AV) is 20/20 or 6/6. According to information from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) There are 4 types of Visual acuity (AV).

  1. Detecting acuity It has to do with the "width" and proportion of the images as lines, edges and points.
  2. Sharpness of resolution. It refers to the spaces or separations between points or lines.
  3. Location acuity. You see a thinner line of two adjoining.
  4. Acuity of recognition. It refers to the recognition and discrimination of letters as smaller.

Visual fatigue According to information from the American Academy of Ophthalmology Human beings blink habitually 18 times per minute on average, however when reading for a long period of time or on digital devices that require "close" viewing, they generate visual fatigue.

The importance of taking care of your eyes. The optometristIván Camacho Arellano , explains that visual examination also helps to prevent diseases of the eyes that derive from diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases among others.Learn more about your health!

Video Medicine: Assessment - Cranial Nerves - Cranial Nerve 2 -- Visual Acuity [ab] (November 2022).