Uncomfortable pain

For many adults and infants, one of the throat infections more usual are the angina However, what does it consist of and when should a precaution or the idea of ​​being operated be taken?

In an interview for GetQoralHealth, the otorhinolaryngologist Francisco Javier Saynes, notes that tonsils palatinas or angina are located at the back of the mouth in the region of the throat, towards the sides and behind the last molars and the language.

In particular, the palatine tonsils have a tissue that contains invaginations or crypts, where they are produced antibodies . Every time you are exposed to an infection, the crypts become inflamed and can become filled with purulent discharge and increase in size.


Uncomfortable pain

Sometimes, this problem can alter other aspects of life; example, the dream since many children who suffer from angina They snore and this generates sleep interruption or a bad break.

Although, at what time you should take into account the operation. The expert Francisco Javier gives some advice to take into account.

1.    Progressive nasal obstruction due to adenoid growth.

2.     Chronic adenotonsillar infectious pictures.

3.     Otitis mediated serous or suppurative, recurrent.

4.    Conductive type deafness where adenoid growth is demonstrated.

5.     Focus of adenoid infection with consequences in other regions: rhinosinusitis, tonsillitis , laryngitis, bronchitis, glomerulonephritis, among others.

As infectious events increase, the risk of progressive and permanent damage is greater. So you must take into account perform the operation, in which general anesthesia is performed and lasts approximately 45 minutes and recovery is relatively fast.

Remember that before you think about any medical method it is essential that you consult a health expert. Take care, your life is in your hands!