Drinking water improves brain functioning

When the brain is well hydrated we have better mood, our memory it is sharpened and we have better concentration, which allows us to think and solve better the aspects of each day, so that we have a better functioning of the brain .

Hydration is essential to maintain the body in perfect condition. The lack of water affects the functioning of the brain, particularly in cognitive performance, the memory in the short term, motor coordination, reaction time and perceptual discrimination.

According to scientists, this is because water allows the blood that goes to the brain come with more oxygen and facilitates the work of neurons ; In addition, it is worth mentioning that both our muscles and the brain itself are composed of ¾ water.

The sensation of thirst implies certain processes and brain activity that occupies a certain amount of energy, as well as neurons , slowing to some extent the operation of the brain in general.

In that sense, researchers from the University of East London, England, explain that just by drinking a glass of water, the brain it works up to 14% faster, because by satisfying that need, it stops focusing on the task at hand and optimizes its performance.

According to the Dr. Caroline Edmons, researcher at the University and one of the main authors of the study , the water releases parts of the brain that was "occupied" in producing thirst, so drinking a glass during those demanding activities could improve cognitive performance.

He also mentions that one of the consequences of the lack of hydration is the reduction of gray matter, as shown by a study applied to volunteers who exercised for 90 minutes, which showed that after sweating during that period, the brain It can reduce its size as much as one year old.

However, explains the specialist, drinking one or two glasses of water can reverse that process and the brain returns to its original size. Therefore, he recommends, not only should the lack of hydration be prevented during physical activities, but also the functioning of the brain with just drinking a glass of water.

Video Medicine: 5 Amazing Ways Drinking Water Affects Your Brain: (May 2024).