5 tips for a natural make-up in the afternoon

With the arrival of spring, the sunny and nostalgic afternoons that every woman wants to enjoy are presented; nevertheless, how to show a fresh and luminous face when a great part of the day has elapsed for him? Make-up for the afternoon could be a quick and practical option.

As the hours of the day pass, the light changes, affecting the appearance of the makeup; In addition, you can not use the same colors to go to work or have a coffee with friends.

Therefore, it is important to look good and for the circumstances, with this objective GetQoralHealth and the image consultant, Ximena from Icaza , they present you with a video where they show you how to achieve a make-up for the afternoon:

If you still do not feel safe or have doubts, we offer you five tips that will help you look spectacular and without much effort:

1. Base. Apply with a sponge on the face, neck, neckline, ears and eyelids; It can be creamy, compact or semi-fluid, but always with the same tone as your skin.

2. Corrector. It uses, mainly, clear to highlight the skin and disguise scars, wrinkles, blemishes and dark circles. If you want to make the nose or chin not notice too much, use darker correctors.

3. Translucent powder. They are essential because they remove shine from your face, in addition to giving it a porcelain appearance. If you get to apply powders in excess you can remove it with a thick brush.

4. Shadows They can be warm or cold colors. You can apply the shadows by first drawing the shape of a banana with a cream color on the moving part of the eyelid, then a half-eyed banana that goes to the outside, followed by the application of mauve shades and finally cream under the eyebrow.

5. Lips. These can be a stronger color than you use during the day, you can also give a little volume with brightness.

Beauty starts from the inside of the person, so you should take care from your food to emotional balance.

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Video Medicine: 10 Minute Evening Look Make Up Tutorial Video with Robert Jones (August 2020).