It achieves a healthy environment for the elderly


Caring for the areas in which we spend most of our time is important to have a better quality of life . For this reason, we present you some recommendations , that according to the IMSS, you must take into account, if you live or live with an older adult.


Remember that besides love, love and protection , they should feel full and safe, since they are a fundamental part of our life. Take note!


1.- If the house is located near a noisy place, such as a busy avenue or airplane route, it is convenient to reduce the noise using insulating materials such as cork, foam rubber or cushion it with natural barriers such as tall plants and trees.


2.- The most illuminated places should be the kitchen, the dining room and the rooms, since they are places where you stay longer.


3.- It is recommended to make sure that the plugs of electrical appliances are not permanently connected in the bathrooms.


4.- Avoid smoking and if you do, do not do it inside the house and less, in bed.


5.- Open the windows every day, so that the air circulates.


6.- Install the light switches in places of easy access, as in the entrances of the
rooms and bathrooms, as well as at the beginning and end of the stairs.


7.- Place small lamps at night in strategic places. Also, keep candles and flashlights on hand, so that they are easy to find, in case the electricity fails.

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