Tune your face in 5 steps

Recognizing the type of face you have can help you define what your makeup needs are; example, are the faces of round, heart or square, which due to the amplitude of certain areas require that their features are refined.

You can refine your features in a simple way through makeup, which will allow you to change your appearance and reduce your imperfections. Thus GetQoralHealth tells you how:

1. Bronzing powder Apply the powder below the cheekbone to the temple, and to hide the jowl apply from the line of the lower jaw to the neck. Use the blusher only from the center at the end of the cheekbones.

2 eyes. This point is ideal to distract the eyes. Emphasize your eyes through a smoky eye makeup and add a touch of silvery shine. Do not forget to fill your eyelashes with mascara to emphasize your look.

3. Fine tune your nose. Apply the base using it as a straight vertical line from top to bottom, side and side of your nasal septum. This will make your nose look much more refined.

4. Base. Apply the base of the tone of your skin from the center of the face and blur to the other parts of the face.

5. Cheeks Apply a base two shades darker to your skin, diagonally to the side and side of your face down from your ears to your cheeks. Then, apply translucent powder to blur any line that has been marked.

Beyond your type of face, remember that it is your self-esteem and self-confidence that will allow you to conquer the eyes. You are beautiful inside and out. Do not forget!

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