To grow bics to be taller?

The training of A grow bics It is a mixture of cardiovascular exercise high intensity (squats and aerobic exercises), yoga Y pilates to lengthen the spine, improve posture, the alignment of muscles and achieve higher.

In addition, according to the newspaper, repetitions of speed races are made, which causes microfractures in the bones whose repair takes a week but are stimulated to grow a little longer and stronger.

Designed by Gymbox, the A grow bics are "scientifically supported", according to their portal, to induce human growth hormone (HGH) through a series of controlled sessions with which you can gain more height, as shown in the following video:

This training, explains the instructor Pierre Pozzuto, who has grown 3.15 cm since he teaches these classes, is based on some techniques of the fifteenth century (colt of punishment) with which they stretched people, with the difference that they are then hung upside down

It is an "inversion exercise" to induce spinal decompression, which stimulates growth by increasing the fluid capacity in the spinal discs. Subsequently, a routine of pilates to improve the posture and the alignment of the column.

In this way, the microfractures in the bones are induced with care so that by exercises of yoga and other stretches, can grow again during the repair, gaining a little more height.

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Video Medicine: A-GROW-BICS: The GYMBOX workout guaranteed to make you taller (May 2021).