Nike race for children with cancer

With the purpose of promoting the sport and generate a social change that contributes to create habits of Healthy life in Mexican women, Nike performs for the third time the 10 kilometers race for women: We run which will take place on March 11 in the Mexico City .

This year donations will be allocated to two Private Assistance Institutions that will benefit unprotected children, at risk of street, and with Cancer through: The Aid and Solidarity Foundation of Calle A.C. , and the Rebecca de Alba Foundation .

To contribute to the integral development of these children, a development plan for physical education 20 children; who will run their first 5 kilometers and some up to 10 kilometers.

The race will have a price of $ 320.00 to the general public and $ 280.00 for students presenting a valid credential. The broker package will be delivered on Saturday, March 10 at the WTC Convention Center.

For more information about the inscriptions, the route, the categories and the training sessions consult Do not wait more! Improve your health and contribute to this great cause.

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Video Medicine: Nike and Sarah Sjöström (English subtitles) (February 2023).