They prefer them imperfect

In terms of seduction, we think that a man looks for the "perfect woman", so generally our biggest problem to approach and conquer the man we like so much, is the lack of self-esteem, security and confidence .

That lack of trust and security it is based, basically, on the faults that we put before ourselves; however, according to a survey published in the International Journal of Sexual Health, many of them do not get to perceive or wait for their "perfect woman"

The signs of time are a clear example of what makes us feel that we no longer have many opportunities in love or that we are far from being that "perfect woman". The wrinkles waves white hair They are the concern of many when it comes to finding a partner.

However, for many men these details of time are highly intriguing and attractive. The graying hair or the lines of expression give rise to an authentic woman who has enjoyed her life and her body, maturity can be a strong sexual trigger, according to many of the respondents.

While for most of us the extra pounds can be depressing because they make us feel less than sensual, for them they are very much the object of desire.

Several previous studies reveal that curves are preferred by men, especially if they are from a woman who knows how to wear her body, which shows that it is all a matter of attitude. What you have you have to learn to wear it with pride.

Birth spots, freckles or moles are for us something to hide, when in reality they can become perfectly a weapon of infallible seduction.

They love the personal characteristics of a woman, signs of identity that are only found in one, so they prefer that we show them in a natural and sensual way, instead of covering them with kilos of makeup.

Although many times when looking at the mirror we only see a cluster of defects, there is no doubt that the personality, sensuality and attitude, are still the best weapons to leave them with their mouths open.

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