They can detect prostate cancer. We tell you!

Can dogs help detect cancer? So far we have seen how these animals detect explosives or drugs, but we had never imagined that with their 300 million olfactory receptors would serve to detect prostate cancer.

Through a urine test, the dogs are able to detect the presence of tumors in the prostate with 93% efficacy, as indicated by the university hospital Milton Keynes, in England who will be a pioneer in performing this test.

How do they do that?

The co-founder of theMedical Detection Dogs, Dr. Claire Guest notes that dogs can detect changes in the smell of urine, which could indicate a diagnosis of cancer.

To be more specific, dogs detect volatile particles in the urine to very low levels. Thanks to they can detect an odor among a million, which is equivalent to detecting a drop of blood in two Olympic-sized swimming pools.

For them, the process is like a game. During the test they sniff several samples taken from healthy people and people with cancer chances. When canines identify the odor associated with cancer, they indicate it by sitting or standing in front of that particular sample.

Every time they detect something, they are awarded food, so they love their work. Did you imagine that dogs can help detect cancer ?

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