The risk of toys and batteries

Each year, the number of children who die or suffer increases injuries due to the manufacture of some electronic toys. It's the little ones between 3 and 12 years old, the most likely to suffer accident .

Specialists in pediatrics from the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) warn: "buying toys that contain tiny parts or electronic components, can be high risk for children, because if swallowed they could cause internal burns in the digestive area, respiratory obstructions and fractures can even cause death. "

According to IMSS statistics, one out of every 100 patients who suffer a mishap due to this cause, loses his life. In the opinion of Dr. Martín de Jesús Estrada Chávez, of the Pediatric Emergency Service of the General Hospital of the National Medical Center (CMN) "La Raza", "the toy is an article of entertainment and development of abilities of the little ones that, however, It can become a dangerous instrument if certain precautions are not taken.A lot of eye with the "button" batteries.

According to the toxicologist, the intake of foreign objects is a frequent cause of injuries in children under 1 to 5 years of age, usually because the parents leave them alone when they use a battery toy or with small pieces to assemble or assemble. The greatest incidence of damage is by "button" batteries (flat or clock), which are highly corrosive and easy to swallow due to their size. Also, double AA or triple AAA type, when swallowed, release their contents and cause internal burns.


Bone injuries

In the case of children between 6 and 10 years, the injuries are traumatic: when playing with bicycles, skateboards or skates without protective equipment, it causes severe injuries to the extremities and skull. On the other hand, as children grow they become more reckless and accidents increase.

Not any toy

The specialists emphasize that the toys of low price, lack quality and present / display sharp textures, toxic paintings, in addition to not having specifications or instructive and the batteries are at the reach of the children. Therefore, it is safer to buy branded toys in well-known stores. In case of having electronic components, make sure that these are sufficiently protected, and if by their use they involve displacement, use safety accessories such as a helmet, elbow pads or knee pads. It is important to refrain from acquiring those toys with detachable pieces, small, or with rough surface and easy to break, to avoid risks in children.

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