One of the greatest attractions that women have is the waist . Not all of us are privileged with it, but for the same reason, there are certain movements that we can practice to achieve those curves.

According to a study published by the Louisiana State University System, the circumference of the waist can be shaped by twisting the torso; precisely that is the movement that you must do to achieve, even reduce centimeters of it.



You need to stand up and first of all, you must do three deep breaths keeping the tension in the abdomen . Then, turn your torso to the right side, without moving the hip, and place your elbows bent at chest level, or, if you can get a stick, place it behind your head this will help keep you straight.

You must practice 10 repetitions of this movement, on each side.

You will notice how your waist changes in approximately 10 days

Video Medicine: Habit - The Movement (August 2020).