The most natural, but without risking

One of the formulas very proven to put an end to wrinkles or expression lines is the application of the call Botulinum toxin of type A, however, we give you some reasons to say no to Botox .


The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) confirms that in the past 10 years, the application of Botox has been placed as the process most requested non-surgical aesthetic in medical offices, with an increase in demand of 4% per year.


The most natural, but without risking

The application of Botox help temporarily to prevent the appearance of wrinkles without having to resort to a plastic surgery . Its effect lasts up to six months, however, although it seems harmless application If it is not done with the appropriate measures, it can generate damage .

1. Facial paralysis. Even though that him Botox It is a safe product, when it is badly applied causesFacial paralysis that can last up to six months, says the American Association of Plastic Surgeons .


The ideal is to put yourself in the hands of specialists who have precise knowledge of the human face and the dose and instruments adequate home case.

2. It affects the emotions. Although it is recognized as an effective technique of rejuvenation , researchers from University of Wisconsin-Madison warn that the application of Botox decreases the ability to express emotions and understand the emotional content of language.


The study shows that women who have applied the injection it took them more weather for react before a surprise news, this because the emotions do not come up fast when the muscles , which reflect sadness or anguish. he paralyze , effect of Botox .

3. It affects the central nervous system. Information published recently in Journal of Neuroscience confirms in an investigation, through various tests of laboratory, that the Botulinum toxin could affect the Central Nervous System , by decreasing the capacity of cells to communicate through the circuits of the spine.

In case of opting for this procedure it is suggested to take precautions and apply it on the recommendation of a doctor specialized ; It is not suggested to inject this liquid in the fine lines of expression.

4. Allergies. When it is not administered in the doses and with the appropriate methods allergies can occur in the skin , therefore it is advisable to apply them with specialized doctors, dermatologists or surgeons plastics certificates , Explain Monica Milito medical specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery of Harvard Medical School , Boston, United States.


The American Association of Plastic Surgeons he recommends being very careful when you have chosen to use this technique as a aesthetic treatment to eliminate wrinkles and to have caution of the offers of aesthetic treatments.

You should never resort to salons of beauty or spas to apply a injection . Remember that its use must be endorsed by the rules established by the Health Secretary .

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