They also fight against their weight ...

A woman is worth for her human quality and not for her size; However, the world in which we live requires us to be perfect in every way and even if we have a healthy weight the social pressure, at times, is overwhelming.

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They also fight against their weight ...

According to University of Colorado-Boulder In the United States, men and women in communities where most people are thin, are more likely to feel dissatisfaction and unhappiness for their lives.

This situation is experienced by some famous overweight:



In 2015 he underwent a liposuction, but it did not help him, because he immediately recovered the lost kilos. This 2016 affirmed to be under a regime of feeding and the advising of a trainer for his presentations in an important enclosure of spectacles. Although she lost kilos during her presentations, she actually gained weight.


Hillary Duff

I do not mind seeing myself absolutely perfect in a bathing suit. I am a normal and strong woman. I'm in shape. I feel good about myself, even after having a baby, "Hilary told the press, according to El Cuidadano.

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