Lack of Sex

You have to accept it, everything has an expiration date. Putting an end to a love relationship is never easy, especially if both have invested time, love and effort. Therefore, we reveal the signs that he wants to end with you.


Lack of Sex

By natural characteristics, man, with a hypothalamus larger than that of a woman, is usually more sexual. If the intimacy between you and your partner is not quite right, it could be a sign that he wants to end you . A study by the DYM research institute revealed that the man, 56% of the time the possibility of being unfaithful arises, takes it without thinking twice.



If your partner lies to you again and again, and you realize it, it's a clear signal that he wants to end up with you. Why the desire to hide the truth if there was not something that hurt you? A study on the lies of Science Museum in London it indicates that the man says more lies than the woman, although they are better at doing it. It is evident that if a relationship, which must be based on trust, is immersed in constant lies, something is wrong.



Physical and mental distance

Normally when everything works "well" in a relationship, there is a constant verbal and physical interaction between the lovers, like going to the movies, having coffee together, chatting for hours, kissing without stopping, staying to watch movies on a Friday night , etc…

Neither of you wants to separate from your partner for a second, but ... What if he prefers to spend more time with his friends than with you? If something similar happens to you, do not hesitate, it's a Clear sign that he wants to end you.

There are not enough signs to know if he wants to end up with you or not. A relationship is not a topic that should be taken lightly; each case and each man are different. Generalize the actions of the same gender to understand our partner is an innocent act that can hurt all involved.

The best ssignal that he wants to finish you It is the simplest of all, lack of love and affection. However deceitful a person may be, one can not act the extraordinary madness that happens in love.

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