Telesychiatry is a new therapy option

Psychotherapists have found in technology the solution to care for patients who can not always move to their couch, either because of their inability to move or for some reason phobia .

A report in the American newspaper The New York Times establishes that the telesiquiatría has taken a new impulse thanks to the use of technologies like the one of Skype , that allows to see in the computer the person with whom one speaks by telephone via Internet, besides that each time offers better options of privacy.

And of course, the service offer psychiatrist or the therapist are not alone. This way of finding comfort without leaving home is offered by a growing number of specialized portals, such as which ensures having a list of 900 specialists and counselors at the disposal of those who need them at any time, to help solve problems ofdepressionanxietyschizophreniamental diseases , O well,couple therapy.

The only thing that people who need help have to do is enter the portal and, in the tab "Meet An Online Therapist", add all your personal data to create an account and request the help of specialists.

The therapy Web , as they call it in the United States, has several advantages according to Eric A. Harris , lawyer and psychologist, who affirms that not all those who seek are comfortable when discussing their problems in front of others, in the classic therapies group

In addition, he adds, you save the vehicular traffic, the search for a place to park, and the side of the professional who attends, something fundamental: the rent of an office equipped to care for patients and the risk that one of them loses control "Live".

For Lynn Bufka , expert of the American Psychological Society , the virtual therapy makes you lose something essential between the patient and the therapist : being able to look at eyes while talking.

Looking through the Internet can distort the meaning of a look or gesture, which can be important in detecting special circumstances for the cure, says this specialist, for whom it is better to the old.