Take care of your figure without sacrifice

To have a healthy diet it is important to adopt a schedule for each type of food, especially at dinner. Next, interview for GetQoralHealth, the nutritionist Monica Maza, It describes what foods you should not eat at night. Never!


Take care of your figure without sacrifice


1. Pasta

It is a carbohydrate that turn into fat after the digestion . The problem is aggravated when oils, creams or sauces are added that make digestion before sleep and sleep. Increase sugar levels in the blood , what it produces insomnia .

2. Cereal

They are mistakenly recommended during dinner, but you have to consider that they have a large amount of sugar that prevents deep sleep. If you consume them, choose those of fiber and without sugar, opt for skim milk and add a small fruit.


3. Garlic

This ingredient in addition to generating bad breath, causes heartburn and reflux, as well as spicy or spicy food.


4. Chocolate

It contains caffeine that improves the mood. In addition, it contains stimulants such as theobromine that prevent reconcile dream .

5. Ice cream

Because of their high content of milk and sugar, they are a food that provides energy and that finally after the digestion It is stored in the body as fat.

For this reason they do not allow a pleasant sleep and they have a considerable influence on weight gain.

Specialists recommend dinner at least two hours before going to sleep and in small portions to have a good digestion and sweet dreams.


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