Strengthen the nails!

Nails are one of the main indicators of our health, because through them we can discover the lack of nutrients that the body has. Therefore, it is important to know how to strengthen the nails and show off impeccable hands.

According to the portal , the nails depend on the supply of proteins, minerals and vitamins to grow healthy, however, some habits like biting them or using them as tools can damage them.

Strengthen the nails!

1. Apply sunscreen. Yes, although it seems incredible, you must protect them from UV rays. Use a broad spectrum product.

2. Moisturizing cream. Specialists of Mayo Clini c recommend using moisturizing products. Apply them on the nails and cuticles several times a day and before going to bed.

3. Let them breathe. Although it is good to use a transparent glaze before one of color, it is also recommended to leave them in the natural to breathe and regenerate by themselves.

4. Cut them following the natural way. This will prevent them from breaking easily. Remember that the nail should be only a few millimeters longer than the tips of your fingers.

5. Biotin and vitamin E. These supplement is very good to strengthen the nails. You can ingest them or use them as a mask for the nails. For example, with a needle make a hole in a capsule and distribute it in your hands at least once a week, for 15 minutes.

6. Dry them. The nails weaken when they are in contact with water, due to their porosity. In addition, you will prevent the development of fungi and other organisms that grow beneath them.

7. Wear gloves. Before using cleaning products that contain chemicals that can harm your nails, put rubber gloves to protect them and take care of the natural enamel.

The main causes of a weak or fragile nail are food problems, decalcification, diseases such as circulatory problems, anemia or thyroid, as well as external aggressions.

Therefore, it is essential that vigiles and any change in their appearance go to your doctor. And you, how do you strengthen your nails?

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