Spinning techniques

Spinning does not consist of just pedal seated. There are several techniques that are randomly combined in a spinning class so that the exercise of desired results .

Learn about the different pedaling techniques will not only help you identify and perform each of right way , it will also help you maintain motivation and eliminate the possible monotony that you might experience.


Basic position

Take the handle and pedal with a frequency between 90 and 120 revolutions per minute. This technique, in general, is used in the stage of encouragement. If you perform this position with a cadence, medium-high and low resistance, you will be benefiting your cardiovascular system.


Mountain position

Performed in a sitting way you will feel the increase in intensity, which works directly with muscle toning. In this position, many times the surveys and the pedaling maintenance . In this position it will always be good to combine the stopped and the seated.



It is the position of the most experienced. It is practiced standing up trying to maintain the Fixed hip , leaving you the hard work to the legs . Usually after this technique the legs are left with a burning sensation , so after that you need to relax the muscles and take a rest.

Video Medicine: Spinning® Standing vs Sitting – Proper Standing Technique On A Spinning® Bike (July 2024).