Avoid breast pain after exercise

When you start with a routine or physical activity discomfort or discomfort in joints or muscles are inevitable; However, what happens with breast pain?

According to a study conducted by the magazine British Journal of Sports Medicine , chest pain is a problem for one in three women who run marathons.

The survey surveyed 1,285 runners in the London Marathon in 2012. They were asked about their exercise habits and training intensity, as well as their medical history and how often they experienced pain.

As a result, it was discovered that 32% of them reported pain in this part of the body, which was closely related to the size of the chest. Half of the respondents mentioned that the discomfort occurs after moderate physical activity and 64% due to intense exercise.

To prevent this from becoming an obstacle to sports, with information from the publication Women's Health We provide 4 tips to avoid breast pain:

1. Get the right support throughout the day, not just in the gym. You must make sure that your bra gives you enough support during all your daily activities.

2. Make sure that the fastener complies with these standards:

Band . It must be tight enough so that it does not slip when you move.

Cup . Make sure they are the right size.

Rods If you have rings, you should follow the natural fold of the breast. If the hoop is resting lower in the rib cage (where you are a little narrower) the band might be too small.

3. Pay attention to what you eat and drink. Some research has shown that a diet high in fat or excessive intake of caffeine may contribute to breast pain in some people, says Dixie Mills , breast surgeon in Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates.

4. Keep exercising. Keep the exercise. It may seem counterintuitive since workouts can be the cause of discomfort, but staying fit can protect you against long-term breast pain.

Remember that it is very important that you use the necessary elements to exercise, as they can help avoid injury. Beware!

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