Kate Middleton loses weight with the Dukan diet

Speculation about the diet that has made the promised bride lose weight Prince William , Kate Middleton , has captured the attention of international media, because it is the Dukan diet.

The rumor began due to comments from Kate's mother about having tried the Dukan diet , However, the real home He has denied such statements.

The Dukan diet It is very similar to the Atkins diet and the 17 day diet. It was created by a French dietitian Pierre Dukan, and like the Atkins diet, Dukan emphasizes the protein consumption as a key to losing weight, and prohibiting the consumption of carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits.

The method is accompanied by a lot of water intake daily, and some exercise routines . This under the logic that if the person does not have carbohydrates to burn, the body will burn extra fat and thus lose weight.

It is built under 4 phases to follow, which are:

1. Attack: Eat nothing more than pure protein for 1 to 10 days.

2. Cruise: Days of pure protein alternate with days when cooked vegetables or vegetables can be added to the protein dish.

3. Consolidation: Allows the restoration of carbohydrates and fats, avoiding rebound in weight.

4. Stabilization: For one day a week, the followers return to the diet of pure protein. For the other six days, the food can be enjoyed normally.

One should be cautious if one wants to follow this type of diet, since experts emphasize that the lack of vegetables and fruits in the daily diet can remove essential nutrients to the body. If you want to try the Dukan diet, consult a nutritionist if it is the best option for your case.