4 home remedies for long eyelashes

Nail long eyelashes and strong always make you look spectacular. Therefore, it is important to take care of your Health and prevent them from falling. According to information from Loreal-paris.es , the best way to do it is to nourish them with natural products free of chemicals, since there are toxic substances that weaken and break them. To strengthen and lengthen your lashes, GetQoralHealth recommends the following tricks.

1. Castor oil: Mix in a bowl, in equal parts, castor, almond, avocado or mamey, and olive oils. Remove your eyelashes every day with this mixture. Afterwards, before going to sleep, apply a drop on the upper line of the eyelashes.

2. Chamomile: Boil the chamomile flower in a bowl. Let rest for a few minutes. Wet a cotton ball in the water and pass it on your eyelids every night. It is best to do it after removing makeup and with a clean face.

3. Olive oil: Apply on the eyelashes every night with the fingertips or with a cotton swab, always from the bottom up. Leave on all night.

4. Nullify them inside: Mix six carrots, four oranges, two tablespoons of flower pollen, one tablespoon of walnut, one tablespoon of pine nuts and one tablespoon of honey. Prepare a rich juice with these ingredients and take it every morning for two months. Your eyelashes will be stronger thanks to the vitamin contribution that this drink has.

If you do not have much time to indulge your eyelashes, just add a few drops of olive or almond oil to your mask. In this way you nourish them quickly and effectively by just applying your mascara. Good luck!

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