Black tea vs diabetes type 2

Drinking black tea on a regular basis helps control the levels of glucose in blood thanks to the flavonoids it contains, this is shown by an investigation of the Data Mining International in Geneva, Switzerland, where it is pointed out that in countries with high consumption the rates of type 2 diabetes they are minor, according to healthday news.

Black tea, after water, is one of the most consumed beverages worldwide, according to a medical study that unveiled the Institute of Food Technologists , in your magazine Journal of Food Science, who also study the effect of their antioxidants to control the glucose and reduce hypertension.

Ariel Beresniak, principal author of the study, together with other researchers Data Mining International, studied the consumption of black tea in 50 countries on all continents in 2009, and compared it with the rates of diabetes and other diseases in each of them.

While there is no direct association with some other conditions, such as cancer, scientists found a mathematical association between black tea consumption and smoking rates. type 2 diabetes : higher consumption, lower rates, thanks to the flavonoids that are released in the infusion process.

They also determined that Ireland had the highest level of consumption of black tea (more than 2 kilos per year per person), followed by the United Kingdom and Turkey. While the countries with the lowest levels of consumption of black tea were South Korea, Brazil, China, Morocco and Mexico.

For their part, Chinese researchers from Tianjin Key Laboratory studied the levels of polysaccharides of black, green and "oolong" tea (a variety), whose results show that these are compounds that retard the metabolic absorption of the glucose , so they help control the diabetes .

The investigator Haixia Chen , responsible for the study, explains that they found a powerful natural inhibitor of glucose , so black tea has potential for the management of diabetes , besides that it is the type of tea with greater effectiveness against free radicals, according to the site

Like the previous ones, several studies demonstrate and support previous research that suggests that regular consumption of black tea is associated with a lower risk of diabetes .

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