Gallstones can be reflected on the skin

There are several potential problems that can arise from the gallbladder because it is the seat of the gallstones (lithiasis) , which obstruct the pathway and generate inflammatory pathologies that in many cases must be treated surgically.

In an interview with GetQoralHealth , the General Director of Grupo Uroclinic, Carlos Sánchez Moreno , explains the causes and characteristics of gallstones:

According to, the presence of gallstones can manifest itself in various problems related to the skin , so they are then constituted as signs of biliary lithiasis that help diagnose it, among them:

1. Black points. They can get confused sometimes with freckles or moles, but are a sign of gallbladder problems, such as the formation of stones or gallstones.

2. Horizontal wrinkles on the bridge of the nose. They can be signs of pancreatic problems and gallbladder problems.

3. Dark color at the temples. This coloration can mean liver and pancreatic disorders, as a result of the formation and deposit of stones in the gallbladder.

4. Hair loss in the center of the head . People who suffer from this type of alopecia They may be having liver disorders because of gallbladder problems.

5. Oily skin . Excess secretion of the sebaceous glands it may be related to disorders in the normal functions of the gallbladder.

Although not all people who have these signs suffer from gallstones, it is necessary to take them into account, especially in people with a certain predisposition to suffer from the gallbladder, liver or any organ of the digestive system.

The hypersensitivity of the vesicle causes a very characteristic pain, which is related to the presence or formation of gallstones, therefore, it is most advisable that before this symptom you go immediately to a specialist for an adequate diagnosis and treatment.

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