Some jobs

At least 4 of the 5 sufferings that generate greater disability in Mexico, are diseases they could prevent yourself . The main reasons to develop them are related to our habits and lifestyles; sedentary lifestyle , bad nutrition, smoking Y alcoholism , are favorable factors to generate a disabling disease.

Some jobs "make us sick"

The Health Survey 2013 , says that the gastritis , colitis , acid reflux Y headache , are the main conditions that face the 43% of the adults who work in Mexico. Most of them are generated by work stress and represent the 13% of the losses in companies so it is considered a strong health problem .

In most cases, these diseases do not become completely incapacitating ; however, they reduce quality of life and impact on work. There are others, also linked to bad habits causing inability indefinitely Know them!


5 diseases that incapacitate

1. Lumbalgia. It is the first cause of inability in Mexico according to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) . Low back pain is intense pain In the lower back that can be caused by many reasons, the most common is muscle spasm, generated by spending many hours in the same position.

If you work more than eight hours in the same position, it is advisable to make a stretching session of 10 minutes every hour and a half.

2.- Diabetes. The Ministry of Labor and Social Security STyPS , says that by the year 2030, the diabetes will be
the first cause of inability work in Mexico . In 2011 and 2012, the complications of this condition represented 18% of the total of sick leave for disability. The obesity It is the main precursor.

3. Accidents at work. The 81% of the disabilities registered in the IMSS are occupational accidents, figure being the first cause of disability (without being ailment). The cases occur more frequently in the northern part of the country. 62% of accidents happen to men between the ages of 25 and 29.

4. Irritable colon. It is the disease of modern life par excellence and it is best known as colitis. It is chronic and incurable. It affects more the women , but it can be controlled if eating habits are changed and stress is channeled. It affects 23% of the world population. Colitis becomes disabling when complications such as hemorrhages , thrombosis , or Cancer .

5. Migraine. Not all Headaches They are migraine. It begins suddenly and may be preceded by gastrointestinal, visual or neurological symptoms such as transient disorders in speech and memory. It begins in childhood and becomes less frequent between 40 and 50 years. A strong migraine episode lasts up to 17 hours or lasts for 15 days.

A healthy diet , exercise , and decreased consumption of tobacco Y alcohol They can prevent this type of diseases and help in their treatment. If you suffer from any of them, it is important that you take action on the matter and not be part of the figures.

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