Smelling reheated oil harms your health

In a study of University of the Basque Country, published in Food Chemistry , confirms that ingesting and smelling the reheated oil harms your health, by emitting aldehydes and alquibencenes that pollute the atmosphere.

When the oil is heated to the maximum temperature to fry the food, the aldehydes known as 4-hydroxy- [E] -2nonenal, 4-oxo- [E] -2-decenal and 4-oxo- [E] -2- are emitted. undecenal

These substances are released from the oil and pollute the atmosphere, so they can be inhaled by people, especially when they cook.

In addition, the researchers point out that these toxins are generated by the degradation of the fatty acids in the oil; and they remain in the oil, so when they are reused, they adhere to the cooked food.

These compounds react with enzymes, hormones and proteins in the body and prevent their proper functioning. Also, they are related to some types of cancer and chronic-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's.

Therefore, it is best to avoid the use of superheated oil in the preparation of food; choose to use the oven to prevent any type of disease such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, among others. So check out the photo gallery to find five healthy snacks.

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