Skipping any food increases adipose tissue

In order to lose weight , people between 20 and 40 years of age carry out long fasts. The idea that suspending some food of the day (breakfast, lunch or dinner) helps to reduce the overweight , it is a myth. Skipping any food, does not help reduce weight , on the contrary causes an increase in adipose tissue , he claimed María del Socorro Santiago Sánchez , head of the Department of Nutrition, of the General Hospital of Zone (HGZ) number 30, Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS)

According to Santiago Sánchez, this is because the agency uses the reserve of glucose what it has for the organs to work; more fat cells are produced and, therefore, adipose tissue is formed: "Skipping any food can cause a decrease in the muscle tissue , lack of some nutrient, diseases like malnutrition , diabetes or hypertension and reach a metabolic syndrome (when different diseases are combined) "


The nutritionist Santiago Sanchez explained that people who want lose weight , must go to the Family Medicine Units (UMF) of the IMSS, so that nutrition specialists provide them with the appropriate guidance, in order to lead a healthy lifestyle and thus achieve their ideal weight .

The head of the Department of Nutrition of the General Hospital of Zone, detailed that the breakfast it is the most important food of the day, because it is the first energy supplier of the body so that the activities can be carried out; If this is not done, there is a shortage of glucose in the brain and lack of concentration in the tasks that are carried out:

"It is recommended that breakfast and lunch be the highest content of each food group (fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes and animal products), so that during the day the energy consumed is consumed."

Eat 7 servings of vegetables daily, 5 of fruit, 3 of protein and a small amount of fat, help the body to perform its functions, have good digestion and achieve a healthy lifestyle. The head of the Department of Nutrition at the HGZ number 30 of the IMSS pointed out that practicing sport At least 30 minutes a day, as well as drinking at least a liter and a half of water, will improve the physical condition , elasticity and reach the ideal weight in less time without risking health.