Risk factors of the metabolic syndrome

Also known as syndrome X , dismetabolic syndrome X , multiple metabolic syndrome or metabolic cardiovascular syndrome , it is a condition whose cause is unknown, but it is known that it is related to insulin resistance .

The metabolic syndrome It is manifested by the presence of various ailments or imbalances in the same person, such as cholesterol I triglycerides in the blood, obesity , arterial hypertension and impaired glucose tolerance .

All this represents a huge risk to develop serious cardiovascular diseases and / or diabetes mellitus type 2 .

Because the metabolic syndrome it has to do with the insulin resistance , the people with greater risk to develop it are those who precisely have problems with this hormone:

1. Diabetics , who can not maintain an adequate level of glucose in the blood.

2. Non-diabetics who are resistant to insulin, but who supplement it by secreting high amounts of it (hyperisnusinism ) and that affects people who commonly suffer from high pressure .

3. People who have had a heart attack and who have hyperinsulinism , although its levels of glucose be normal.

Red spotlights

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, a person can suffer metabolic syndrome if you have at least three of the following characteristics:

1. Obesity It is considered to act as a detonator, because by worsening resistance to insulin , its clinical manifestations appear.

In obese or overweight people, the extra kilos are reflected in the abdominal measurements: in men, this means having a waist whose diameter exceeds 101.6 centimeters and in women, the waist diameter exceeds 88.90 centimeters.

2. High blood pressure .

3. Hyperuricemia or elevation of uric acid .

4. Problems in insulin production by the pancreatic beta cell, which is of genetic origin.

5. High level of blood sugar ; Your fasting glucose level equals 110 milligrams per deciliter (mg / dl) or greater.

6. High level of fat in the blood ; Your triglyceride level equals 150 mg / dL or higher.

7. Have a low level of "good" cholesterol (HDL cholesterol). In men this means a level of HDL cholesterol lower than 40 mg / dl, while in women it is a level lower than 50 mg / dl.

Although there are no cases of children with metabolic syndrome , the big increase in the index of obesity among them, it can trigger it in the short term.

Therefore, from an early age, it is necessary to change the Feeding Habits , avoid excessive consumption of fats Y sugars , eat more fruits and vegetables, make exercise daily and control the sugar in blood especially if you have close relatives with diabetes or cardiovascular diseases .

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