Are you with the man of your life?

"In tastes genres are broken"; However, to know if our partner is "the man of our life", things get complicated. Each woman has her own priorities, criteria and sympathies. What for one may be important, for another it is not so important.

It is true that good chemistry between partner It is fundamental, as is trust, commitment, good education or sensitivity.

However, the researcher Graeme Simsion, author of the book "The Rosie Project" , points out that before finding your ideal partner, men and women break the heart twice.


Are you with the man of your life?

There are some clues that can help you discern if the man you are with is the right one, the one with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. lifetime .

1. He likes how you are. Appreciate your way of being and thinking. Do not restrict your personal or professional projects. It stimulates you and is never afraid of you being independent. He is a man attentive to your changes and supports you in the difficulties.

2. You know that you occupy a special place. Through countless details, it makes you see that you occupy a unique and special place in your life.

3. You feel comfortable with him. A good indicator to know if he is the man of your life is, simply, that you feel comfortable and calm when he is near.

4. You feel comfortable with him when they are with more people. Of course, it's important to feel at ease when presenting it to your friends, family and co-workers. If you are making excuses so that they do not know your partner, we are not very sure that he is "the man of your life".

5. You can trust him. A relationship of lies and secrets has everything to lose. If there is something you can not talk about with your partner because, for example, he becomes jealous, you have a problem. It may not have short-term consequences, but it is an indicator that it is not the definitive man.

6. He knows how to listen to you. In every communication process there is always someone who speaks and another person who listens. It's good that he likes to tell you his things, his worries and his problems. But you also have to have time for yours, listen to them with interest and dedication.

7. Has a positive attitude. More positive men tend to enjoy longer and more successful relationships. First, because it is a pleasure to be with them and, second, because a positive person will always put things-and conflicts-in perspective. Besides being optimistic, we are convinced that "the man of your life" has to make you laugh.

Some women always fall in love with the same type of man, although relations never finish well. So, if this time you feel that your boy is not like the others, with whom the thing did not work, it is quite likely that it is the definitive man. Good luck!

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