Overweight can cause blood clots in children

The diabetes is no longer the only concern of parents who have children with overweight ; a study details that another of the consequences of childhood obesity is the formation of clots in the blood or Deep venous thrombosis (TVP)

"This is important, because the incidence of pediatric DVT has increased dramatically in the last 20 years," says Wake Forest, lead author of the study and Dr. Elizabeth Halvorson, assistant professor of pediatrics at the hospital in Winston Salem, North Carolina. .


"Our study presents data from a single institution with a sample of a relatively small size," says Halvorson.


"However, it does show an association between obesity and DVT in children, which should be explored in greater depth in future studies," he adds.

If not treated in time, blood clots cause immediate and long-term health problems.

After taking into account other risk factors, such as infections in the bloodstream, the researchers found a small but statistically significant association between obesity and blood clots in children and adolescents.

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