10 reasons to go to the sexologist

Going to the doctor may be normal for most people, but talking about going with a sexologist can be more complicated due to the myths that exist around sexuality.


There are different reasons to go to the sexologist , what many people sometimes let go through fear, or moral issues, among others. Do not let it happen to you and know ten reasons to go to the sexologist , according to Dr. Silvestre Faya Romero, Psychologist-Sexologist, of the Center for Studies in Sexuality and Population of Torreón :


When to go?


1. Erectile dysfunction . Either total or partial its origin can be related to emotional situations, for example, a bad relationship, resentments or illnesses like diabetes and hypertension .


It is important to go to a specialist and especially to do both, as this situation affects the couple.


2. Premature ejaculation . According to the Harvard University One in five men has problems with premature ejaculation , something that in most cases they can not control.


Although it is possible to believe that man enjoys these brief and pleasant moments and the woman is the one who suffers, the Dr. Silvestre Faya , explains that this is totally false.


Man experiences great disappointment at not being able to enjoy the moment any longer. Looking for help will improve your condition and of course also your relationship.


3. Decrease in sexual desire . This condition affects both men and women, where no matter the caresses or actions that the couple makes the desire diminishes or even disappears.


There are many reasons that may be related to it, such as stress, low self-esteem, family or economic problems, or sometimes the lack of desire can be related to the lack or loss of love.


Good communication in pairs helps you to detect the problem and in most cases find a solution.


4. Orgasmic inability. Women present constant discomfort because having sex does not help them reach climax.


There are even those who claim never to have experienced an orgasm or this is only possible with the stimulation of the clitoris and not during penetration.


5. Selective anorgasmia . It occurs when you can not have an orgasm with a partner, but with another or only during masturbation. This condition is related to emotional components or in some physical occasions.


6. Ejaculatory disability. Although it sounds hard to believe some men also present problems related to the lack of ejaculation.


The sexologist says that the anxiety or fear of contracting a disease or embarrassing the couple are associated with this problem.

In certain cases, "backward" ejaculation may occur, which is commonly related to poorly treated diabetes. It occurs when the man has the sensation of ejaculating, but the semen goes to the bladder. Ejaculate backwards avoid reaching the climax.

7. Lack of information. It is constantly related to the size of the male member as an important factor related to female pleasure; however, it ensures that there is no relationship, because if this were the case, the depth of the vagina should be taken into account.


Going to a sexologist helps you maintain the correct information and clarify any doubts you may have about your sexuality.


8. Pain in the vaginal penetration. Either for some illness or an emotional problem this can occur and interfere in the pleasure of the relationship.


This condition can be strongly linked to emotional problems; however, treatments can give an improvement of up to 70% in 18 months.


9. Sex life after an illness. As we have already mentioned there are different diseases that affect the sexual life of people, one of them is prostate cancer.


Although the man faces this disease, it can also have consequences that affect the sexual life of his partner.


Going with a sexologist helps you to know about the subject and the treatments or methods to not allow after facing a hard disease such as cancer, your sexual health and that of your partner are affected.


10. Rethink your relationship Many people go to the sexologist to rethink their relationship.


Sexologists cover three main fields: Education, help to inform and resolve patient doubts; Counseling: Offers alternatives to improve intimacy as a couple; Therapy: The latter has the purpose of curing or reassigning erotic alternatives that help the couple to improve their sexual life.


The Dr. Faya mentions that although there are many reasons to go to the sexologist , the difficult thing is to make the decision to do it; However, out of every 100 couples that attend an orientation around 85%, it reaches a satisfactory solution. Remember that sexual life as a couple depends on both!

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