Diarrhea? Remove it with rice water

Did you eat something and it fell badly? Before everything visit your doctor to offer you a treatment that eliminates the stomach infection; however, as a complementary method you can use rice water, which will help reduce the discomforts of diarrhea.

According to the portal Botanical-online.com , rice is one of the essential foods in the diet of people because it provides energy, but when consumed in water you can benefit from other properties such as antidiarrheal and demulcent.

Experts point out that rice water calms the symptoms of diarrhea such as pain and cramps. Even, being rich in starch protects your body's mucous membranes and reduces stomach irritation.

To prepare the drink you just have to boil rice with water (one part of the grain for three of water) for 15 minutes. You can add a cinnamon stick for flavor and a little sugar. Let cool, strain and serve in a glass.

When you drink this drink, the mucous membranes of your intestine absorb starch and other nutrients that will help you reduce bowel movements. In addition, cinnamon reduces vomiting.

Rice water is also recommended for young children in case of diarrhea, because it serves as a natural rehydration, that is, it helps you recover fluids lost due to the disease.

With this liquid you will normalize the functioning of your digestive system and you will recover soon from the symptoms of diarrhea. And you, how do you use rice to recover from gastrointestinal diseases?

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