4 most common male sexual myths

Surely you have ever heard the famous phrase "There are only two important things in life. The first is sex, and the second ... I do not remember. "


The sexuality it is an important part of the life of the human being. Sometimes it is believed that a man always has the weapons to satisfy women, however, there are many sexual myths around virility.

Enjoy your sexuality without taboos!


Scientists of the Marmara University, in Istanbul , were given the task of denying the sexual myths most common around men and their sex life. During the investigation more than 160 men, between 18 and 67 years old, were surveyed to obtain the truth of their sexual beliefs.


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Through a questionnaire the participants found a series of legends and statements related to the sexual myths most common, and they had to mark what they considered true or false, do you want to know the answers?


• 77% of the participants say that they know how to satisfy a woman

• 73% deny that men always want to have sex

• 65% consider that the erection It is a sign of sexual excitement

• 55% of respondents say that women are responsible for sexual dysfunction


The majority of the respondents indicate that the knowledge obtained in relation to sexual life was due to their friends, another 16% said that the material erotic , 13% said they were guided by informative texts in magazines and television programs, and only 2% said they obtained information from their parents.


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According to National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) in the last National Survey of Demographic Dynamics According to the (ENADID 2009) , 61.8% of adolescents aged 15 to 19 claim to be sexually active persons, who also stated that they had not used a contraceptive method during their first sexual intercourse.


Prevent your children from falling among sexual myths that often exist among young people of their age, good communication and information will help them change their lives. And what do you think?

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