Routine and diet to look like Thor

Without a doubt, the body of the Australian actor, Chris Hemsworth , who stars in the movie Thor, has captured the look of men and women, by the definition and volume of their muscles. Hemsworth revealed that in order to give life to this character he performed a routine of dumbbells and gained 10 kilos of pure muscle .

According to the portal , Hemsworth took only 6 months to show off this spectacular body. In an interview for this site, focused on men's health, he stated that his weight training combined it with a protein diet : eggs, chicken, sandwiches, vegetables, brown rice and protein drinks.

However, food was only a complementary part to give life to Thor, because the rest was a key piece to achieve it: "The physical trainings that I carried out were exhausting, reason why the dream and the rest were very important, to look like this".

Routine to be Thor

1. In addition to loading dumbbells To strengthen and mark the upper and lower part of the body, he performs several series of "hammer blows". For this exercise, you need a tire and a large hammer. Now, stand about 30 centimeters from the rim, bend your knees slightly and turn the torso to the right.

Raise the hammer over your right side, (do not turn the hip). Squeeze the abdomen and drop the hammer on the inside edge of the tire. Perform 8 repetitions and change sides.

2. Side jumps . Standing with your chest and hips back and knees bent, jump with your left leg. Land with the right foot and hit the ground when falling. Then he makes the same movement, but jumping with his right leg and landing with his left.

3. Push-ups in T . To achieve this, you need a pair of dumbbells of around 5 kilos each. The position you should adopt is as if you were going to do push-ups, but with arms outstretched.

Now, bend your elbows and lower your body until you almost touch the floor with your chest and when you go back up, raise your right hand and rotate the body raising the weight over your shoulder, until you form a "T". Lower the dumbbell and repeat with the left side. Do 8 repetitions.

4. Climb mountain. Stand in 4 points, resting on your knees and with your hands slightly wider than the width of your shoulders. Completely stretch the left leg and raise the right knee towards the chest. You must stay in the position adopted by a sprinter when you are at the start. Then, quickly change the position of the legs as many times as you can in 45 seconds.

Remember that before starting this routine or a meal plan, it is essential that you consult a nutritionist and physical trainer, to avoid future injuries and do the exercise that best suits your needs.

Video Medicine: Chris Hemsworth's THOR RAGNAROK WORKOUT (May 2024).