Richer if it's organic?

There are many factors that influence the taste of food or certain foods, such as their packaging, label , color, shape, texture, packaging, cutlery, the way you eat it and the place where you do it, explains the Specialist in Sensory Marketing, Charles Spence, neurologist at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

One of the factors that influence the taste of the food is your label nutritional, even commercial, because with just promoting a "Premium" quality or origin "organic ", To the consumers it generates a different perception with respect to its flavor, even when this legend in the product is not reality, explains the neurologist.


Richer if it's organic?

According to a study of the Cornell University , a label It can condition our perception and make a wrong assessment of a food. This was confirmed after comparing the opinion of consumers of certain products that presented labels of organic or ecological, compared to other ordinary.

As part of the results, the researchers observed that the smell and taste of organic foods , called organoleptic perception, are more significant and valued than those that can be offered by the food obtained through industrial production.

In this regard, the researcher of the University of Gävle, Patrik Sorqvist , explains that "the tags of organic foods or ecological not only promote a willingness to pay more for the product, but also seem to improve the perceptual experience of the taste of the same". This is called the halo effect.

The halo effect influences the perception and interpretation of the taste of the food due to the expectations that a person has, or by previous references, which predisposes him to enjoy more or less at the moment of consuming it.

It is worth mentioning that one of the factors that influences, related to label of organic or ecological, is that people interpret and judge previously that if a food is distinguished in that way, it is because it is a product whose manufacturer is socially responsible and honest. True or not, people feel more confidence in consuming it.

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