Respiratory exercises for relaxation

Respiratory exercises are very beneficial because in addition to reducing the stress , improve lung capacity and performance in the performance of any physical activity . They are not only for those who suffer from breathing difficulties, as is commonly believed, but can be done by all people who seek relaxation and a better control of their emotions.

In certain occasions, the decrease in the amount of oxygen in the blood accelerates the process of aging , decreases energy and mental ability; In addition, the lack of flexibility of muscles of the thoracic cage prevents proper breathing, according to the routine portal of

Therefore, in GetQoralHealth we present some basic breathing exercises that improve your air capacity and promote relaxation :

1. Lie on your back comfortably, place both hands on the upper abdomen, inhale slowly and deeply, bringing the air to your stomach (you will notice when your hands are raised a little) and then to the chest; When you can no longer inspire, hold the air for a few seconds and let go slowly. Do this exercise for 5 minutes.

2. Sit with your back straight, exhale and then inhale slowly as in the exercise above, bringing the air to the abdomen, hold the air and let go slowly. Take five breaths and close your eyes, then do five more.

3. Repeat the exercise previous, but when you exhale, try to get the air out at the same time you say "HUM", this will help you empty your lungs as much as possible.


4. When you have a little more experience, you can perform Tai Chi Chuan breathing; sitting you should do a short inspiration to place both arms stretched out in front, from that position make another short inspiration to place the arms at the height of the shoulders on the side. Finally, make another short inspiration and bring your arms up, then breathe out slowly through your mouth as you lower your arms.

Good breathing is essential for your body to function properly, so if you do these exercises At least 3 times a week you will have a better physical and mental performance, in addition to maintaining a state of relaxation that allows you to make better decisions and actions.

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