Recover memory with nicotine

The patches of nicotine , which are used to stop smoking, can help fight the cognitive impairment Mild (memory loss) in elderly people, according to research conducted in the United States.

The researchers pointed out that a group of people of 76 years of average and with a loss of memory mild regained 46% of its normal long-term memory faculties, after a six-month treatment with 15 milligrams daily patches of nicotine , while another group that was given a placebo worsened by 26% in that same period.

However, Paul Newhouse , of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville He pointed out that people suffering from a mild memory loss should not smoke, or else they could use the patches under medical supervision.

According to information published by, the study disclosed by the magazine "Neurology"Provides a solid basis for future research on the use of nicotine in people with early signs of loss of memory .

"We still do not know if the benefits persist for long periods of time and if they suppose a significant improvement", adds the scientist.

Previous studies had shown that nicotine increased the mental and memory capacity of former smokers, as well as an improvement in the concentration and memory of people affected by the neurodegenerative Alzheimer's . And you, would you use these products to avoid memory loss?

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