Vitamin B12 avoids cognitive problems

The b12 vitamin is essential for the synthesis of hemoglobin , the generation of cells and the good development of nervous system , so the deficiency of this micronutrient is a risk factor to develop cognitive problems, as well as the decrease in the volume of brain , according to a study of the Rush University Medical Center In Chicago .

The information published by The Huffington Post notes that this supplement is necessary for the myelin sheath of brain (insulating layer of the nerves).

During the study, involving 121 people, it was discovered that the methylmalonate (a marker of the deficiency of vitamin B12 ) is associated with a reduction in the volume of brain . Meanwhile, homocysteine (an amino acid), as well as folic acid were related to problems of memory and thinking.

Experts warn that the level of b12 vitamin in the blood it is not a cause of mental illnesses and only contributes to cognitive deterioration.

This October 1 is commemorated the International Day of the Elderly , so it is recommended to have healthy habits of life, such as exercising and eating a diet rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins.

Where is vitamin B12?

It is easy to find in meat, fish, seafood, dairy products, cereals, eggs, poultry, seafood, seaweed and aloe vera. The following video explains other methods to ingest it.

Doctors say that older adults lose the ability to absorb this micronutrient directly from the foods , so they have to take supplements . In addition, they assure that the lack of this generates anemia , loss of balance, as well as tingling in legs and weakness.

Video Medicine: Vitamin B12 & the Nerve Reflexes : Nutrition & Health Advice (May 2024).