Proper diet improves your digestive health

Most people associate the diet he heals Feeding Habits monotonous, insipid and insufficient. Some of the most common excuses for not following the advice nutritional It is the lack of time, of will and having to set aside favorite foods.

It is not easy to change Feeding Habits because it implies altering established customs over time. Maintaining this behavior change is difficult and requires motivation , control over our behavior and support from friends and family, according to the European Food Information Council.

In this sense, the nutritionist Kellogg's Institute of Nutrition and Health, Carmen Haro , explains in an interview with GetQoralHealth how to achieve acquire eating habits for a good digestive health :

Change habits It means knowing what food you can choose, how many pieces of fruit and vegetables you should consume per week, knowing how to identify the most fatty and restrict their consumption, as well as the different ways of cooking them, to know which ones will contribute less calories .

It can be said that having Feeding Habits healthy is like a lifestyle, that's why those who have learned it at home since childhood have a good metabolic programming , the rest we must learn and become aware of what actions we should take each day that allow us to improve the diet.

Remember that many of your habits come from the emotional side, from a lack of information, from your environment and from the need to have a ideal weight . Therefore it is necessary that a specialist advise you individually so that your hfood habits go according to your lifestyle.

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