What is postpartum depression?

Pregnancy and maternity , are probably two of the most happy for a woman, however, certain episodes of emotional instability that few understand, that's why today we're going to explain what is postpartum depression ?

The Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst Physician Elsa Cesarina Paz Flora , he explains to us GetQoralHealth , that we must learn to detect the symptoms of these diseases in time, to avoid that they become more acute, since it is suggested that they occur due to changes endocrinological .

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What is postpartum depression?

It occurs several weeks after delivery, because normally the first days it is normal to be thrills l and feel a certain degree of sadness . But a depression has very intense biological symptoms, which can be somatic or neurovegetative.


The mother feels depressed, sad, anxious or irritable but there is a lot of fatigue; also they do not feel pleasure for anything, they have no interest for any person, nothing that made her happy before generates no satisfaction or pleasure "



  • There may be episodes of anorexia or alterations where they eat more
  • Alterations in sleep such as insomnia or drowsiness during the day
  • Tension
  • Difficult to focus


In order for postpartum depression not to evolve into an episode of psychosis, a specialist must intervene and determine the severity of the depression, if necessary a treatment with antidepressants is evaluated according to the patient "

It is always important to take care of the link mother son and prevent it from reaching a psychosis that provokes auditory hallucinations and lead them to changing moods, which generate a lot of confusion and make unwise decisions.


Postpartum depression occurs in up to 15% of women, but a postpartum psychosis is very rare, it happens in 1 or 2 women out of every thousand "

The dr. Elsa Cesarina Paz Flora, recommends that women stop having fear to discuss with family what they feel and accept that they are going through a postpartum crisis, because sometimes, it is difficult to recognize that a stage that should only cause happiness, can generate this confusion.


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