Prevent the spread of flu!

How to detect the flu virus immediately? The symptoms of this disease can be very annoying for most people, so a timely diagnosis could help identify the appropriate treatment to overcome it in a short time.

Therefore, researchers from the universities of Waseda, in Tokyo, and Hokkaido, in Japan , created a chip that helps detect the flu virus in only 10 minutes and with an accuracy up to 10 thousand times greater than conventional methods.

In information published by and the economic newspaper Nikkei It is detailed that the sensor has the capacity to detect up to 15 strains of influenza virus. Only one drop of mucous sample (nasal fluid) must be placed in the device.

Tetsuya Osaka, leader of the project, points out that with this chip the time of diagnosis of the disease will be reduced, so that contagion to other people can be controlled, as well as finding a specific treatment for each of the strains.

The researchers analyze that the chip could go on sale between three and five years, in specialized medical centers and private doctors.

Currently, the influenza virus is identified through the symptoms that the patient presents as a cut body, fever, nasal congestion, headache and fatigue.


Prevent the spread of flu!

It is essential to maintain some prior care to prevent the spread of influenza, which is usually very annoying for most people. Therefore, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), United States they recommend you:

Avoid contact with sick people, keep rest, cover your mouth and nose when sneezing, wash your hands frequently, clean and disinfect the surfaces with which you have contact at home, work and school.

Do not forget to eat foods rich in vitamin C, which will help strengthen your immune system and prevent the flu virus from invading your body. And you, how do you protect yourself from respiratory diseases?

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