Overview of chronic cough

Its flavor and aroma make it irresistible for the most demanding palate. Its content of tryptophan, phenylethylamine and anandamine make it addictive for the sensation of pleasure and comfort it produces in the body; However, the properties of chocolate can go beyond, for example, curing chronic cough.

An investigation, carried out by the Seek company, ensures that an existing component in chocolate, theobromine, could help in the treatment and subsequent cure of tI chronicle you.

Theobromine is a substance known for its stimulant effect in humans and is used as a vaso-dilator and as a cardiac stimulant. It also helps to relax the muscles of the bronchi, which is effective against the symptoms of asthma.

Through the development of the drug BC1036, which has as an active ingredient theobromine, the company Seek hopes not only to create a vagus nerve inhibitor to control cough. Its objective is to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from this disease.

The majority of the medicines, existing in the market, to treat cough are composed of opium. Situation that generates that many syrups are not proper for the consumption of infants.

The properties of chocolate could generate a new era in terms of new treatments. However, it is estimated that the BC1036 drug may still take time to reach the market. Extending in this way the wait and a solution for patients with chronic cough.


Overview of chronic cough

The Secretary of Public Health notes that cough is the most common symptom of diseases, which affect the respiratory system and a very frequent reason for outpatient consultation.

Although there are no known statistical data on the proportion of this disease in the country, it is estimated that in some countries, such as Spain, up to 98% of cases are reported. This disease is rarely evaluated accurately by the specialist.

The chronic cough It lasts more than two to three weeks and is a cause of many discomforts for the patient.

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Video Medicine: Mayo Clinic's Chronic Cough Clinic (April 2024).