What is herpes

A virus infected by a kiss took the life of little Mariana. With only 18 days old, the baby died as a result of the herpes , which caused their organs not to resist the disease.


What is herpes

It is an infectious disease highly contagious . It is characterized by being a virus that causes quite painful blisters. It takes a few days, even weeks, to get better.

These skin lesions are contagious with the simple contact of the skin.


The case of Mariana

Nicole and Shane Sifrit, were enjoying the party of their marriage. Many guests came, one of them was a carrier of the virus and kissed the little one.

After a couple of hours, her parents observed that the baby did not want to eat and was slow to wake up.

Video Medicine: Herpes Simplex Virus in Depth / Alynn Alexander, MD (June 2022).